Pet Fears And Phobias

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One of the questions we ask during our initial consultation is whether your pets (usually dogs) have any fears or phobias.  We need to know if there is anything strange that may set them off so we have some advanced warning and a plan in place on how to react if we encounter any of their fear or phobia triggers.

As you can imagine, we get a lot of people who tell us their dogs are afraid of fire trucks, sirens, loud noises, vacuum cleaners, fireworks etc.  Over the years we have heard some pretty strange fears.  These are just a few:

  • Men in hats
  • Men with boots on
  • Men with clown masks
  • Men with beards
  • Storm drains
  • Anyone in uniform

As you can see, a lot have to do with men.  I had to laugh at the clown mask one though.  I had to assure the client under no circumstances would any of our team be wearing a clown mask while taking care of their pets.

The one with the storm drains was odd too.  Whenever I walked that dog and we got close to a storm drain she would freak out and throw herself around like a lunatic.  I’m sure for anyone watching out their window it looked like I was walking a bucking bronco on a leash.  The owner has NO idea where that fear came from, but wow, it was serious.

Does your pet have a weird fear or phobia?  Please tell us about it.





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