Do Pet Sitters Still Visit Your Pets In Blizzards?

NYS Thruway covered in snow

I’m sure you’ve seen the news of the crazy snow storms that are going on in Buffalo this week.  I mean can you even IMAGINE getting 7-8 FEET of snow?!?!  The photo above is the NYS Thruway which is currently closed for 130+ miles.

It made me think……how would we even get pet sits done if we lived there??  With that much snow no one is going anywhere no matter how well intentioned they may be.

So, what would we do?

  • First, we would call you; the client and ask how you would like us to handle things.
  • We would try to contact a neighbor to see if they could take over until the roads were passable again, but in reality, with THAT much snow even the next door neighbor may not be able to get to your house.
  • For cats that didn’t require medication we’d leave down extra food and water to hold them until we could get back.
  • For dogs it gets more difficult.  Depending on who was on the schedule and the temperament of the dogs perhaps we could take them home with us to wait out the storm.  Obviously that wouldn’t work as well if we had a particularly dog heavy schedule.  We can’t bring them ALL home with us.  We may suggest that maybe your friend or neighbor could take your dogs to their house temporarily.
  • Depending on how much advanced warning we got about this storm we could also possibly take your dog(s) to a boarding facility until the storm has passed.

This should also serve as a reminder to everyone to please make arrangements before you leave to have your driveway cleared in the event of a storm so we are able to get in to care for your pets.




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