How Many Times Per Day Should The Pet Sitter Visit Your Pets?

squinting orange catYou’re going away on vacation and you would prefer your pets remain in the comfort of their own home.  Great!  We happen to know of some awesome pet sitters to help you!  Now the question is how many visits per day does your pet need?  Well, there are a few factors that go into effect when making this decision.

What type of pets do you have?  We require that all dogs be seen a minimum of twice per day, or every twelve hours.  If your dogs are crated we strongly suggest three visits per day.  Cats need to be seen a minimum of once per day, or every twenty four hours.

Do your pets require any medication? What is the frequency of your pets medication?  Most medications, if prescribed for twice a day requires visits every twelve hours.  Other medications vary.  We do our best to keep your pets medications on the same schedule as you.

How old is your pet? Older dogs and puppies have a much more difficult time holding it and would benefit from extra visits.

How often do your dogs normally go out? Do you work from home and your dogs have the luxury (like mine do) of going out 48 times per day; on their every whim?  If so, imagine how difficult it will be for them to suddenly be required to hold it between visits when you have the pet sitter come just twice a day.  Being required to hold it for a long period of time when they aren’t used to it can cause kidney problems.

What do most people do?  The majority of our clients have us come anywhere from 3-5 times per day for their dogs and 2 and occasionally 3 times per day for their cats.

Our staff can come from 1-5 times per day; whatever you and your pets are comfortable with.  Contact us now to schedule your pet sitting needs.





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