How I Got Our Kitten To Stop Peeing Around The House

baby orange polydactyl kitten

If you’re new to this blog this is Bob.  You can read all about how Bob came into our life here.

Bob was about six months old when, on the day I was scheduled to take him to the vet for his appointment to be neutered, I discovered that he had been peeing all over our house and not in the litterbox.  He had peeing in our closets and wherever he could. I hoped that perhaps the neutering would cure the issue but it did not.  I followed up with our vet to make sure there was nothing physically wrong.  There wasn’t. 

I tried everything to get him to stop.  I watched him like a hawk and constantly put him in the litterbox and encouraged him to go.  I tried keeping him in my office with a litterbox.  He just peed in the office.

We most definitely did not want to have to rehome Bob.  We love him, but we couldn’t keep letting him destroy our house.  We got to a point where we thought we may have no other choice.  Who would adopt a kitten who knowingly pees around the house?

So, what did I do?

My last resort (with my vet’s ok) was to put Bob in a dog crate with a very cushy bed and a litterbox.  That was it.  No extra room, either the bed or the box.  I felt like an AWFUL pet parent keeping him in there.  He was allowed out for meals and supervised playtime but the majority of his day was spent in that crate.  We did this for at least a month.  It was not easy.

I am thrilled to report that it worked for us!

Will it work for you?  It may, it may not.  As I’ve stated many times before Bob is not your normal cat.  He is very strange (I mean that in a good way).  He has his own Facebook page if you’d like to keep up on his antics.

orange tabby

Have you ever been able to cure a cat of inappropriate peeing?  Tell us how!

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