How Does Your Pet Sitter Handle Daylight Savings Time?

bulldog with toy in his mouth

Being professional pet sitters means that we tend to notice things that your average ‘free’ help may not.  What happens to our visits when we switch the clocks for daylight savings time?  I bet it’s something you’ve never even thought of, have you?

For most clients we visit dogs three times per day and the hour difference in the schedule isn’t a huge issue but for clients who have us come twice a day; every twelve hours, that one hour change can make quite a difference.

Dogs bladders can’t tell time.

The same holds true for time sensitive medications that are required every twelve hours.  We need to adjust our schedule to make the time difference as easy as possible for your pets.

What we normally do for visits every twelve hours is shift our visits by half an hour.  So, if we are scheduled for 7am and 7pm and when we change the clocks 7am now becomes 8am, we will go at 7:30am instead rather than make your dog wait the whole extra hour.  That way the time change is a little easier for them.

Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend!  I don’t know about you, but I am SO ready!



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