Hidden Benefit Of The Pet Sitter Keeping Your Key On File

If you’ve been following this blog for anything length of time you’ve noticed a lot of posts about keys.  We’ve covered why your pet sitter needs a key, why we insist that you lock your doors and what happens to your key when we keep it on file.  These posts don’t cover a hidden benefit for you though.  What happens when you get locked out of your house and no one has a spare key or you can’t get ahold of the person with your spare?  You call the pet sitter!

You never intend on getting locked out.  It happens at the most inopportune time.  You take the dogs out for a walk and when you come back the power is out and the garage door pad that you intended on using to get inside isn’t working.  You run out to get the mail and you have one of those doorknobs that open even when the door is locked and you find yourself out in the cold in your bathrobe.

Whatever the reason, we can help if you have left your key on file with us.

If you call a locksmith you can expect to shell out anywhere from $50-$150.  If you call your pet sitter, you’ll be charged for a pet sitting visit.  MUCH cheaper than calling a locksmith!


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