Have You Used Our Online Scheduling System Yet?

Not only did I start blogging to move us into the 21st century but we now also have an online scheduling system that allows YOU to schedule your own pet sitting and dog walking visits!  It’s close to the greatest thing since sliced bread if you ask me.

It’s very easy to use.  Just visit our website www.purrfectpetsitting.net and in the top right hand corner click on the “Existing Clients” button.  If you’re logging in for the first time use the email address you provided on our service agreement and your password will be “password” (no quotes, all lowercase) and then you can update your password to something of your choosing.

If you have not used our services within the last year simply click on the “Contact” link on the navigation toolbar on the website and fill out the information and I will get your account activated.

All you have to do is enter a start and end date and select how many visits per day and whether you want am/midday/pm/late night visits.  Once submitted the system will notify me and I will be able to view the request for approval.  Once approved, you’ll get a confirmation back.

This system makes the room for error much, much smaller as YOU enter your dates and times.  Of course if you prefer the low-tech method you’re still welcome to email me at purrfectpetsitting@hotmail.com and I can schedule your dates for you.

Summer vacations will be here before we know it!  Log on and schedule yours today!

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