Good Help Is Hard To Find! Pet Sitter Edition

Purrfect Pet Sitting Hiring Meme

In discussing hiring with other entrepreneurs I keep hearing the same thing over and over.  “Good help is hard to find”.  I always chuckle and tell them I could write a book based on some of the doozy applications we receive for pet sitting and dog walking jobs.

Some are just too unbelievable, but it’s true.  I’ve received these!

Applicant 1:

Has no car, doesn’t live within our service area, won’t commit to working for us for 6 months, won’t work holidays and wants $30 per hour!

Applicant 2:

Wants to work Monday through Friday from 10:30-2, make $500 per week (which works out to be $22.22 per hour) and she wants to bring her children along with her.

Applicant 3:

Applicant 3 technically didn’t even apply.  His MOM did.  Received an email from mom claiming her son has gotten too fat playing video games during the summer and wouldn’t I hire him so maybe he’d lose some weight.  WHAT?!?!

Applicant 4:

This stellar applicant reports she has a fear of entering people’s homes that she doesn’t know.  She claims she has no problem walking their dogs, but can’t enter their home.  OK, so am *I* supposed to go with her to every visit and bring the dogs out so she can walk them??

Applicant 5:

This man wanted me to hire him.  He proceeded to tell me that he would do the work, but I would have to put payroll in his girlfriend’s name.  They were trying to buy a house and she needed to show income.  WHAT?!?!  NO!

Applicant 6:

Lives in New York City and is only available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6-8:30 pm.  Side note:  this was in response to an ad for a “midday” dog walker!

Applicant 7:

This person looked very good on paper and actually made it to a face to face interview.  While interviewing I asked if she were to start her own business doing something she’s dreamed of what would it be?  She proceeded to tell me she wants to start her own pet sitting business but wants someone to teach her the ropes first.

I appreciated the honesty, but I have no desire to show someone how to run a business just so they can quit and then try to steal our clients.  Yes, this HAS happened in the past and I learned that lesson the hard way.

I would estimate that for every one person that Purrfect Pet Sitting hires I weed through and disqualify approximately 150 applications.

So you can see….good help really IS hard to find!

Do you know someone who would make a great pet sitter?  Have them visit our employment page!





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