Does Your Pet Sitter Have Employees or Independent Contractors?

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We are waist deep in the middle of a bathroom remodel.  Let’s just say it has not been a lot of fun not having a shower for two plus weeks with no end in sight.  What does this have to do with pet sitting?  Go grab yourself a drink and get comfortable and I will explain.

We hired a contractor to do the job who, in turn subcontracted that job out without telling us.  The men who showed up to do the job were like watching an episode of The Three Stooges.  Yeah, I only WISH I was exaggerating.  After three days of their nonsense we fired them and told the contractor it was HIM we hired, not those yahoos.

So, how does this tie into pet sitting?

When you hire Purrfect Pet Sitting you get to meet the sitter who will be taking care of your pets.  We have employees, not independent contractors.

What is the difference and why does it matter?

By law Independent Contractors are just that; independent.  They should have their own business, business license, their own business insurance and they are free to work for whomever they want.  They cannot be trained to the standards of the business they are working for because if they receive training, they would fall under the employee classification.  They do the job to their standards.  They do not have to follow company procedures or policies.  They also make their own schedule.

As if that’s not scary enough.

An Independent Contractor can also subcontract the job they they’ve been subcontracted out to someone else.

Purrfect Pet Sitting has employees which all undergo a background check before hiring.  We train our employees to follow our policies and procedures.

Now I know a lot of pet sitters who use Independent Contractors and have no problems, however I like to have the control and know FOR SURE who is performing the pet sit and that it will be performed to my standards.

If it matters to you be sure to ask before you hire a company!  Unless of course you’re ok with Three Stooges pet sitting.




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