6 Ways Hiring A Dog Walker Can Save Your Sanity

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I bet you never considered that hiring a dog walker could save your sanity, did you?  Well, I’m here to tell you that it can and it has for many of our clients!  How you ask?

Here are six occasions having a reliable, professional dog walker can save your sanity:

  1. When you leave for work in the morning do you get the sad eyes from the dog as you close the door to leave?  Does your heart wrench when you walk out the door knowing it will be 9+ hours until you can get home to let him out again or are you in a panic when you have to rush home at lunchtime every day to take a quick walk and rush back to work again?
  2. Have you ever received an impromptu invitation to go out after work to do something you would LOVE to do, but feel you can’t because you have to go home and let the dog out?
  3. Do you have a huge project going on at work and can’t leave until you’ve met your deadline?
  4. Is your dog on time sensitive medication and you can’t always make it home to administer it at that specific time?
  5. Are you tired of coming home to puddles on the floor because the dog just couldn’t hold it any longer?
  6. How many pairs of shoes (or other items) have you had to replace because the dog destroyed them because he was so bored while you were gone?

Now imagine each of these scenarios when you’ve called Purrfect Pet Sitting to come and take the dog out for you.  Dog walking isn’t just for clients who work long hours and want a visit every weekday (although we will gladly do that too).  We cater to your needs.  If you only need one visit so you can go out to dinner with your friends, give us a call.

We’re doing our best to save sanities one client at a time!







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  1. Jade Brunet says:

    I am glad to know that hiring a dog walker can be worth your while. I agree that if you have a big project going on at work and are scared you will not meet your deadline, it would be great to show your dog you care while you continue working. It would be great to find a dog walker who can serve your pet at a time that fits your schedule to reduce stress.

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