10 Tips To Help Your Pet Sitter This Summer

Summer is here and vacation season is in full swing!  Following are 10 tips that will help your pet sitter provide the best possible care to your pets and your home while you are away:

  1. We are more than happy to water your plants for you but if you happen to have a multitude of hanging or potted plants we kindly request that you move them all to one central location, close to the hose, so it’s much easier and more convenient for us to water them.
  2. If your pets medications have changed since our last visit, please leave a detailed note.
  3. Be sure to leave plenty of food, medications and cat litter.
  4. Leave updated emergency information and notify the neighbors that we will be coming.
  5. Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
  6. Leave your air conditioning on.  If you want, set it at a higher temperature than when you are home, but leave it on.  We want your pets (and your pet sitter) to be comfortable when they are in your home.
  7. Let your pet sitter know if your pets have any issues with thunderstorms and fireworks and how you handle it.  Do they take medications?  Do they need to wear a Thundershirt?
  8. Leave detailed instructions on any pool maintenance.  Do you need someone to add chlorine?  Do you need the pump turned on or off at certain times?
  9. Notify us if your home has any quirks; does the lock need to be jiggled in order to open it?  Does a toilet have a habit of being tempermental?
  10. Call and leave a message when you get home so we know that you made it home safely and your pets are back under your care.


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