Your Pet Sitter’s Pets: Bob; 9 Months Post Leg Amputation

cat with one front leg

2017 was a rough year for our cat Bob.  He had his leg amputated in March due to soft tissue sarcoma.  I never imagined we’d have to go through this with one of our pets, but we did.  It’s been a long road to recovery.  So how is Bob doing now?

If you missed the original story on how and why Bob had to have his leg amputated you can read about it here.

We’ve had a lot of changes to our household since Bob’s surgery.  In March we adopted a rescue dog named Chewy and in May we adopted a rescue kitten who we named Fergus.  Fergus and Chewy have become besties.

Fergus and Chewy


The new additions were hard for Bob.  Both wanted to play, but Bob didn’t want to play.  He was at a disadvantage with only one front leg.

Bob spent a lot of his time under our bed, in seclusion.

He wasn’t as snuggly and loveable as he always was.  If he wasn’t under our bed, he was outside in our cat enclosure.  He constantly moved his shoulder on the amputated side like he was trying to use that leg.

I was afraid we had lost the ‘real’ Bob.

Once the weather got colder and Bob couldn’t spend his time outside he eventually started hanging out inside and wanted to snuggle more to keep warm.

Finally, a glimmer of hope!

I’m thrilled to report that Bob’s personality has come back!  He’s back to being a snuggle bug, begging for catnip and playing in laundry baskets!  If he can have his ‘nip in the laundry basket he’s in his glory!

3 legged cat in laundry basket

He still doesn’t like Fergus, but he is tolerating him.  Fergus wants to play rough and Bob just can’t handle that.

I am so incredibly grateful that he has recovered and his personality is shining again.  I was beginning to think putting him through leg amputation was the wrong decision.  He has proven to be a fighter.  We can’t imagine our lives without Hobble Bobble.

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