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Amy Adams spent the last twenty years in the field of physical therapy assisting humans.  In 2014 she wanted to reconnect with animal healing and became a Usui Reiki master specializing in animal Reiki.  She found that her medical background was a huge asset in truly focusing the energy when an animal is ill.

Amy recently took a few moments to answer some questions for us:

1.  For the readers that have never heard of Reiki, could you please give us an overview of what it is and what it’s used for?

Reiki is a complimentary, holistic energy healing modality which has been performed world-wide for centuries.  The energy of Reiki works to improve all aspects of the animal’s health and quality of life.  It utilizes universal life force energy to promote healing through love in alignment with the animal’s highest good.  Reiki is natural, gentle and safe for any animals (including pregnant animals) and can supplement and/or enhance the effectiveness of veterinary care.

The theory behind Reiki is that each living being is made up of cells, organs and other systems/structures which require energy to function.  Ideally, our energy should flow effortlessly throughout our bodies allowing maximal healthy function.  However, this energy system can easily become disrupted or imbalanced and cause an energy block that affects health and wellness.  In an animal, energy blocks can present as health issues, negative behaviors, fear, anxiety, aggression, withdrawal from affection, etc.  Animal Reiki works at the source of the energetic level to release or alleviate the blockages causing the health symptoms, behaviors or dysfunctions.

2. Do you find that certain animals/species/breeds react differently or better to Reiki?

All animals respond well to Reiki and their species does not affect the outcome.  Reiki can be used with our typical animal companions, farm animals or any exotic animals including birds, fish and reptiles.

What does make a difference is when Reiki is started.  The earlier in these processes that we can start, the more quickly results can be seen.  If your animal is ill, Reiki can make a difference in their quality of life and support any veterinary care.  My medical background as a Physical Therapist (for humans) helps enhance my Reiki sessions to animals that are ill.  I understand the pathology and physiology involved in the illness and focus on that as well as general Reiki techniques.

While Reiki can make a substantial improvement in your animal’s quality of life, it is important to remember that Reiki cannot reverse severe tissue damage or destruction.  All physical life comes to an end at some point and there is no guarantee that Reiki can delay or prevent death from occurring.  If the animal is truly at their end of life, Reiki can still help them be more comfortable and ease their soul’s transition.

3. Do you find that hands on works better than remotely?

No matter which type you choose, the session is equally as effective.  I suggest that you go with what feels comfortable to you and your animal – there is no wrong combination of in person and remote sessions!

In person sessions occur with a combination of gentle hands on energy work and short distance energy work (in the same room).  The advantages of in-person sessions are:  I am able to see the environment and how it impacts the animal; I am able to directly observe how the animal is reacting to the treatment; I am able to get more detailed visual information about the animal and the area being treated.

Remote sessions can be provided to an animal anywhere in the world.  The theory behind remote Reiki is that each living being has a unique energy signature that can be “tuned into” like a radio station.  Advantages of remote sessions include: No stress for the animal of being touched by a stranger (great for nervous or anxious animals); no need to have someone you don’t know come to your home/barn; Works well with busy schedules; less expensive – you can get more sessions for less money but with the same outcomes.  After each remote session, I send a detailed email summary of the session.

4. How many sessions does it typically take to notice a difference?

Reiki can and often does produce sudden changes which can be seen anywhere from instantaneously to a few hours after the sessions.  However, often the improvements build with multiple sessions because each session affects a deeper level of healing.  It may take a  few sessions before you are able to observe a difference in your animal.  How many sessions depends on the issue or illness being treated.  I often see nice changes within several sessions.  Keep in mind, some changes may be subtle to start with, so the more you know your animal and are looking for the changes, the more quickly you will notice the effects of a Reiki session.

Here are my general frequency recommendations:

If your animal is healthy and happy:

You can start with just one or two sessions and then do preventative/routine maintenance sessions every so often.  People will often do sessions varying from once a month to every 3-6 months.

If your animal has a medical or behavioral need:

It is best to start Reiki as soon as possible.  However, please remember Reiki cannot diagnose and there is often a need for medical care in conjunction with Reiki.  Also, if your animal is having a medical procedure, Reiki can be sent during that time to ease the process and maximize the outcomes.

I recommend starting with at least 3 sessions in the first week (at least every other day frequency) to help “jump start” the healing process.  After the initial sessions, we can discuss what frequency would work best for all involved.

5.Can you please give us an example of the most dramatic change or thing you’ve witnessed as a result of a pet receiving Reiki?

It is hard to pick just one.  I have had several experiences where the effectiveness of Reiki has astounded me or the animal caregiver.  The first one that comes to mind was a cat who had a bald spot on his stomach for about 7 months.  The owner was not overly concerned with it and actually brought the cat to my first Pet Expo just to support me as she is a close friend of mine.  She was just looking to calm some of the “Kitty Crazies” where he wanted to climb and get into everything.  I ran an in person session and then a follow up remote session.  About a week later, she contacted me to tell me all of the fur had completely grown back.  I asked if she had changed foods, anything else in the house, or taken him to the vet and she said she had not.  The only difference was the Reiki sessions I had provided.

Another that comes to mind was a dog who was having frequent uncontrollable movements or spasms of her right hind leg for no apparent reason.  Her caretaker brought her in for an in person session.  We spent about 45 minutes together.  the dog was guiding me to the blockages by lifting her head and whimpering when I got over each area.  The dog left and did have two more small episodes of the uncontrolled movement over the next two days while the Reiki was continuing to work through the energy blocks.  After that, the dog has been completely free of these spasms for over six months.


If you’d like more information you can visit Amy’s website www.fourpawsreiki.com





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