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Why Hire A Professional Dog Walker Versus The Kid Next Door?

happy sheltie

For so many of our clients their dogs are much more than just a dog.  They are their children with fur.  They are their life.  It’s very important to them to find the right professional dog walker to meet their needs.   Continue reading

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We Are Pet Sitters, Not Janitors

black dog on bed

The majority our pet sits are enjoyable.  We usually love the pets were are visiting and we get to enter a lot of homes we’ve always admired from afar.  Every once in a while however one comes through that we really don’t enjoy.  I’ve gotten a lot better over the years asking questions from callers before we agree to meet with them to weed out the undesirables. Continue reading

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Your Pet Sitter Begs: Local Farm Family Needs Our Help

As a rule, I almost never ask people to donate money.  I’m making an exception, with good reason.

Since last year I have been buying non-GMO fed meat from Nathan and Eliza Winters of Hill Hollow Farm in Petersburgh, NY.  Just last week I wrote a blog post to sing their praises to all of you.  The day I wrote that blog post I learned that Nathan passed away from an ATV injury on his farm. Continue reading

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Pet Sitting And Celiac Disease

Since May is Celiac Awareness Month I’d like to talk to you about pet sitting and Celiac Disease.  Those aren’t two things you’d expect to hear in the same sentence, are they?  For those of you who are not familiar with Celiac Disease let me explain.  Celiac disease is a digestive disease which damages the small intestine.  It interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food.  People with Celiac cannot tolerate gluten which is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  Symptoms vary greatly so many times Celiac is misdiagnosed. Continue reading

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Bob And The Case Of The Mysterious Balding Ears

Sounds like the title of a Scooby Doo mystery, no?

For the past two years I’ve had to take Bob to the vet in February because his ears have gone bald and seems to drive him nuts because it itches so bad.  It has been a mystery as to what the cause is and the only thing that seems to help is a cortisone shot. Continue reading

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Mobile Pet Groomers Servicing Albany, NY And Surrounding Areas


golden retriever head in lapDoes your pet need a bath desperately but you are unable to do it yourself, your pet hates to ride in the car or you just don’t have the time?  I’ve compiled a list of mobile pet groomers that come right to your home to groom your pet for you!

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Holiday Gift Ideas For The Pet Lover

gift ideas for pet lovers

Do you have a pet lover in your life and you just don’t know what to buy for them this holiday season?  We come across a lot of pet products and gadgets in our line of work and we’d like to share with you some of the ones that really stand out.

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Pet Friendly Apartments In East Greenbush And Surrounding Areas


bassett hound rolling in grass

Often times I receive inquiries from people asking me to find a home for their pets because they are moving and their new location doesn’t allow pets.  Personally, I would not even consider someplace that would not accept my pets but each situation is unique.  There are plenty of options available; from apartment complexes to apartments in private homes to renting a whole house.  Following is a listing of pet friendly apartment complexes within the Purrfect Pet Sitting service area:

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Is Your Pet Pin-Up Material?

Cat photo entry in pet sitting calendar contest

Do you think you have the cutest pet ever?  Do you have an incredibly cute photo of your pets that you love to show people?  We want your photos for our next calendar.   The lucky winner will be featured on the cover of our 2014 calendar!


How to enter:

If you haven’t already; like our Facebook page.

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