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The One Door Your Pet Sitter Doesn’t Want You To Lock!

the one door your pet sitter doesn't want you to lock


Did you ever think you’d hear a pet sitter ask you to specifically NOT lock a door?  We are quite particular about keeping your house secure.  If we have a key to it, we prefer to lock it.  I’m also surprised by the number of people who have a knob lock along with a deadbolt and they tell us they only use one or the other.  But if both use the same key why not use them both? Continue reading

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Why Your Pet Sitter Doesn’t Want You To Leave A Key Under The Mat

cat with glasses

Whenever we sign up a new client we ask if they’d like us to keep the key on file for future use or if they’d like us to leave the key on the last visit.  Most people have us keep the key on file but there are a few that want us to leave it on the last visit and that is fine.  We make it clear that if they’d like to utilize our service again and we have to come back to pick up the key we do have to charge for the time to make the pickup. Continue reading

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How One Piece Of Tape Can Prevent Headaches

tape dispenser

When we sign up a new client we take copious notes on their pet and house care.  Having over fifteen years of experience we ask a lot of questions and know what types of things could potentially pose a problem.  Locks rank very high at the top of that list of potential problems. Continue reading

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How Legal Fireworks In NYS Will Affect Your Pet Sitter

pet sitting fireworks

In November 2015, Governor Cuomo signed into law a bill allowing novelty items (sparklers, party poppers, cone fountains, etc.) to be sold during specific time periods in New York State.  These items will be available in retail stores from June 1st through July 5th and December 26th through January 2nd. Continue reading

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Pet Sitting Can Be Dangerous

3 labs

After seeing on the news earlier today that the body of the missing realtor, Beverly Carter, in Arkansas had been found in a shallow grave it hit home that it could have just as easily been a pet sitter.  Pet sitting is a career mainly consisting of women, many of whom are sole proprietors.  It would be very simple for someone to lure one of us to their home or some other address under the guise of needing pet sitting services.  Continue reading

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I Hate When I’m Right

white cat

As professional pet sitters we tend to ‘tune in’ to a pet more than the average person would.

Recently I visited two cats that I’ve been pet sitting for since they were kittens.  I know their routine and their personalities so I knew something was off when one of the cats was desperate for water from the faucet  This was not a behavior he had ever exhibited to me before; not even the month before when I had seen him last. Continue reading

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What Can You Legally Do In New York State If You See A Dog Locked In A Hot Vehicle?

dog car temp chart

Summer is here and the temperature continues to rise.  Many people don’t think twice about leaving their dog in a hot car while they ‘just run into the store’.  If you and your dog work outside all day your dog may be accustomed to that.  What people don’t realize is that even though they think it’s just a quick trip they could potentially be putting their dogs life in danger.  If the temperature is 75 degrees outside it takes as short as ten minutes, even with the windows open, for the internal temperature of the vehicle to reach 100 degrees.  It can only take minutes for your dog to have heat stroke which could result in death.  Unless your dog is accustomed to the heat, it would be best to leave them home. Continue reading

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Why Your Pet Sitter Doesn’t Want You To Leave Your Windows Open

Summer is finally here and the weather is beautiful!  With the beautiful weather comes the opportunity to keep your windows open.  Being pet sitters, we worry about this for a variety of reasons. Continue reading

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All Natural Solution To Keep Ants Out Of Your Pet’s Food

It’s that time of year again.  The ants have started descending on any pet food that is left out.  There is a very simple, no cost, all natural solution to keeping ants out of your pet’s food bowls.  What is it? Continue reading

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips From Your Pet Sitter

Black cat with fangsHalloween has always been my favorite holiday.  I used to go all out and get dressed up every year; still do sometimes.  It can be a stressful or sometimes downright scary day for your pets though.  Please remember the following tips for keeping your furry friends safe this All Hallows Eve.

Keep Your Pet Indoors – All the little goblins running around is enough to scare anyone but imagine it from a pets perspective looking at all the strange people in costume!  The safest place for them is in their nice warm bed, inside.  Vicious pranksters have been known to do some not so nice things to pets on Halloween.  It’s easily preventable by keeping them safely indoors. Continue reading

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