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Do Pet Sitters Still Visit Your Pets In Blizzards?

NYS Thruway covered in snow

I’m sure you’ve seen the news of the crazy snow storms that are going on in Buffalo this week.  I mean can you even IMAGINE getting 7-8 FEET of snow?!?!  The photo above is the NYS Thruway which is currently closed for 130+ miles.

It made me think……how would we even get pet sits done if we lived there??  With that much snow no one is going anywhere no matter how well intentioned they may be. Continue reading

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What Do You Mean You Don’t Cover (Insert Your City Here)?

territory map

In order to provide the best quality service and not be in our cars more than absolutely necessary pet sitters need to establish geographic boundaries to their service area.  My goal is to keep my staff within a five mile radius of their homes.  I’ve gotten a few calls recently however that just didn’t agree with that.  Continue reading

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Are Pet Sitting And Dog Walking Rates Negotiable?

8 week old red vizsla puppy

I recently received an inquiry from someone who wanted help with her puppy.  She was looking for midday visits around noon, Monday through Friday.  She had emailed me directly through the website, so there was no doubt that she had seen our rates yet she still asked what the rate would be for this service because she was “not willing to pay $300 or more a month for this service”.  No problem I thought.  We DO offer a discount to our midday clients who use us three or more visits every single week.  Continue reading

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5 Ways You Can Help Your Pet Sitter Stop The Spread Of Cold And Flu

yawning cat

Fall is officially here.  I hope everyone is enjoying their pumpkin lattes and all things pumpkin!  Fall also means the start of cold and flu season.  Since we are in and out of so many homes throughout our day we wanted to take a moment and make you aware of some ways we try to stop the spread of cold and flu and some ways you can assist us in that mission. Continue reading

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Pet Sitting Can Be Dangerous

3 labs

After seeing on the news earlier today that the body of the missing realtor, Beverly Carter, in Arkansas had been found in a shallow grave it hit home that it could have just as easily been a pet sitter.  Pet sitting is a career mainly consisting of women, many of whom are sole proprietors.  It would be very simple for someone to lure one of us to their home or some other address under the guise of needing pet sitting services.  Continue reading

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Why Your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Can’t Guarantee An Exact Time For Their Visit

orange and white cat

We are very good at our jobs and can usually give you a very good estimate of what time your pet sitter will be there to visit your pets.  We can generally give a range within 30 minutes either way.  We cannot however GUARANTEE an exact time.  There are several reasons for this: Continue reading

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Has Your Pet Sitter Ever Dealt With A Break In?

beagle looking out window

One of a pet sitter’s biggest fears is arriving to your home to find it had been broken into and burglarized.  Even worse would be arriving to your home to find the burglar still inside!  Sadly, both of these instances HAVE happened in our fourteen years of business. Continue reading

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When A Client Doesn’t Trust The Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

cat in change dish

During our initial contact with a potential client be either via email or phone we discuss any questions or concerns they may have before scheduling a meeting to make sure we are both comfortable with the proposed arrangement.  Before we meet we make it clear that we are coming to fill out the paperwork and pick up a key.  Every once in a while we run into someone who is hesitant to give us a key.  I completely understand that, after all you’re leaving everything you hold dear to a virtual stranger.  We’re more than happy to provide references to people who are hesitant and I often refer people to the “Why Trust Us” section of our website to alleviate their fears. Continue reading

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Will Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker Care For Aggressive Dogs?


Thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while we encounter an aggressive dog.  Sometimes the owner is up front about this during our initial conversation but occasionally we don’t find out until our consultation when we are greeted at the door by Cujo.  We will gladly come and meet your dog and see how they behave with us but we have been known to turn a few dogs down. Continue reading

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What Is Your Pet Sitter’s Or Dog Walker’s Cancellation Policy?


Our cancellation policy is pretty lenient.  We understand that life happens and schedules change.  We typically give everyone a free pass once.  Our official policies for cancellations are as follows: Continue reading

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