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A Few Days In The Life Of A Pet Sitter On Vacation

happy newf

Vacations are great, but when you’re a business owner – especially a pet sitting business owner, a vacation isn’t a ‘real’ vacation in the true sense of the word.

Yes, I can get away.  I have a fantastic staff who does a great job of holding down the fort while we’re gone but I still have to work.  It’s not like I can completely unplug.

So, how did my recent trip to Vermont go? Continue reading

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Preparing For Your Pet Sitter

pet sitter instructions

Hubby and I recently went to Vermont for a couple of days to celebrate our Anniversary.  Having three cats; two which require medications, two dogs; one which requires medication and eleven chickens; four which are separated from the rest of the flock because they are teenagers, preparing to go away is quite a lot of work.  I found out first hand how much is involved in preparing for the pet sitter to cover while we were away. Continue reading

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Meet The New Pet Sitting Mobile!

In a previous post I discussed “Should you be concerned if your pet sitter advertises on their vehicle“?  The feedback was quite positive so I took the plunge and would like to introduce you to the newest addition to the Purrfect Pet Sitting family!  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Pet Sitting Mobile:

wrapped pet sitting car

Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Us! 98 In Dog Years!

pug with birthday hat

It just boggles my mind that FOURTEEN years ago today Purrfect Pet Sitting was born!  This business has grown beyond my wildest imagination in the past fourteen years.  I have gone from a sole proprietor, doing everything by myself while still working a full time job, to having a staff of four fantastic pet sitters. Continue reading

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Your Pet Sitter’s Pets: Cat Enclosures

cat enclosure

In a perfect world we’d be able to let our pets outside without having to worry about them coming back.  Between predators, cars, etc. it just isn’t practical to let your cats out unattended (or any pet for that matter).  It’s just too dangerous.  My cats did fine as indoor only cats, but I knew they really would be happier if they had access to the outdoors.  Continue reading

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People Who Dump Their Unwanted Pets SUCK!

When I first started pet sitting I read everything I could on the topic which, at the time, wasn’t very much.  One golden rule that has forever stuck with me was to use a Post Office Box for the business mailing address.  Why?  Because it will reduce the number of unwanted pets dumped on my doorstep.  I did as I read and until yesterday I’ve been pretty lucky.  Sure, I’ve had stray cats that I’ve found homes for but never a deliberate ‘dump’.  What happened yesterday? Continue reading

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Your Pet Sitter’s Pets: The Story of Bob

orange cat hanging front feet off ottoman


I have always had a weakness for orange cats.  I have an even bigger weakness for polydactyl (extra toes) orange cats.  My best friend (of 21 years) Sue knew that and talked me off the ledge once when I called and told her I’d found one I wanted to adopt (I already had two cats).  A year later Sue passed away from brain cancer, at the age of 41, exactly three months after being diagnosed. Continue reading
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