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How To Use Our Online Scheduling System

login screen

Have you tried using our online scheduling system yet?  You can log in and schedule your own visits! Continue reading

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Pet Fears And Phobias

happy terrier

One of the questions we ask during our initial consultation is whether your pets (usually dogs) have any fears or phobias.  We need to know if there is anything strange that may set them off so we have some advanced warning and a plan in place on how to react if we encounter any of their fear or phobia triggers. Continue reading

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We Survived Summer ’14!

polydactyl cat

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

Labor Day weekend marks the end of a very, very busy summer for us.  We are just a few visits away from being able to close the books on August and take a deep, cleansing breath and shout “WE SURVIVED SUMMER ’14”! Continue reading

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Why Do People Allow Their Dogs To Roam Free?

dog upside down in grass

Maybe it’s just because August was so busy I was on the road a lot but I have seen many free roaming dogs around lately.  I thought perhaps it was just me until we met with a new client recently.  She went through and named all the dogs in their very affluent neighborhood.  She named off several dogs who were allowed to just roam, unsupervised throughout the neighborhood.  This wasn’t an area where everyone has several acres of land and free roaming animals wouldn’t affect the neighbors.  This was Suburbia; a neighborhood with generous sized lots.  It was clear that these free roaming dogs weren’t appreciated by all the neighbors. Continue reading

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Love Pets? We’re Hiring!

help wanted pet sitting

Would you or someone you know like a job where you’re greeted by happy customers every day?  Are looking to hire pet sitters in the following areas: Continue reading

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Meet The New Pet Sitting Mobile!

In a previous post I discussed “Should you be concerned if your pet sitter advertises on their vehicle“?  The feedback was quite positive so I took the plunge and would like to introduce you to the newest addition to the Purrfect Pet Sitting family!  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Pet Sitting Mobile:

wrapped pet sitting car

Continue reading

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Why Your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Can’t Guarantee An Exact Time For Their Visit

orange and white cat

We are very good at our jobs and can usually give you a very good estimate of what time your pet sitter will be there to visit your pets.  We can generally give a range within 30 minutes either way.  We cannot however GUARANTEE an exact time.  There are several reasons for this: Continue reading

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When A Client Doesn’t Trust The Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

cat in change dish

During our initial contact with a potential client be either via email or phone we discuss any questions or concerns they may have before scheduling a meeting to make sure we are both comfortable with the proposed arrangement.  Before we meet we make it clear that we are coming to fill out the paperwork and pick up a key.  Every once in a while we run into someone who is hesitant to give us a key.  I completely understand that, after all you’re leaving everything you hold dear to a virtual stranger.  We’re more than happy to provide references to people who are hesitant and I often refer people to the “Why Trust Us” section of our website to alleviate their fears. Continue reading

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Will Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker Care For Aggressive Dogs?


Thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while we encounter an aggressive dog.  Sometimes the owner is up front about this during our initial conversation but occasionally we don’t find out until our consultation when we are greeted at the door by Cujo.  We will gladly come and meet your dog and see how they behave with us but we have been known to turn a few dogs down. Continue reading

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Should You Be Concerned If Your Pet Sitter Advertises On Their Vehicle?

pet sitter vehicle magnet

As I’ve mentioned in the past pet sitting is largely a word of mouth business.  We rely on our happy clients to recommend us to their friends, family and neighbors.  Many pet sitters choose to also advertise on their vehicles; either in the form of magnets on the doors, window lettering or, in rare occurrences, vehicle wraps.

Should you be concerned if your pet sitter advertises on their vehicle?

Continue reading

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