4 Myths People Always Tell Their Pet Sitter


2015 marks our 15th year in business.  Over the years we’ve pretty much seen and heard it all.  People often tell me I should write a book.  Much of it is already included in this blog.  Looking back, there are a few things we hear over and over that usually end up being myths. Continue reading

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How Legal Fireworks In NYS Will Affect Your Pet Sitter

pet sitting fireworks

In November 2015, Governor Cuomo signed into law a bill allowing novelty items (sparklers, party poppers, cone fountains, etc.) to be sold during specific time periods in New York State.  These items will be available in retail stores from June 1st through July 5th and December 26th through January 2nd. Continue reading

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Will The Pet Sitter Clean Up If Your Pet Makes A Mess?

tipped over litterbox

Pets aren’t quite as bad as kids at making messes, but there are times that it happens.  Should you worry about coming home to a mess that your pet has made while you are away? Continue reading

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Purrfect Pet Sitting Interviews: Amy Adams; Four Paws Animal Reiki

Four Paws Reiki logo

Amy Adams spent the last twenty years in the field of physical therapy assisting humans.  In 2014 she wanted to reconnect with animal healing and became a Usui Reiki master specializing in animal Reiki.  She found that her medical background was a huge asset in truly focusing the energy when an animal is ill. Continue reading

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Pet First Aid Class; June 13, 2015, East Greenbush, NY

Pet First Aid Class

Do you know what to do if there were an emergency with your pet? Would you like to? Continue reading

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We’ve Been Pet Sitting/Dog Walking For 15 Years, So Why Are We Sad?


sheltiePurrfect Pet Sitting is about to celebrate it’s 15th year of business.  When I first started this business I was a sole proprietor, doing everything myself.  I never imagined that fifteen years later that 1) I’d still be doing this and 2) I’d have an incredible team of employees! Continue reading

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Dog Parks Around Albany, NY

yellow lab

Does your dog have a lot of energy and you don’t have a big yard to let them out to burn it off?  Or maybe they just like the company of other dogs?  Well, we’ve compiled a list of the dog parks within the Capital District.  Continue reading

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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Jobs Available In The Capital District

help wanted pet sitting

Pet sitting can be an awesome job!  Read all about it here.  In my most recent quest for finding employees I noticed something.  Not only was Purrfect Pet Sitting looking for employees but so are several other services throughout the Capital District. Continue reading

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How I Got Our Kitten To Stop Peeing Around The House

baby orange polydactyl kitten

If you’re new to this blog this is Bob.  You can read all about how Bob came into our life here.

Bob was about six months old when, on the day I was scheduled to take him to the vet for his appointment to be neutered, I discovered that he had been peeing all over our house and not in the litterbox.  He had peeing in our closets and wherever he could. I hoped that perhaps the neutering would cure the issue but it did not.  I followed up with our vet to make sure there was nothing physically wrong.  There wasn’t.  Continue reading

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Low Cost Pet Vaccination Clinic At Tractor Supply March 22, 2015

Tractor Supply vaccination sign

Tractor Supply in Schodack is having another low cost pet vaccine clinic on March 22, 2015 from 9:30 – 11:00 am. Continue reading

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