Award Winning, professional, in your home vacation pet sitting

and while you’re at work dog walking since 2000


  • Don’t have time to rush home from work at lunch time to take your dog for a walk?
  • Do you feel guilty when you leave in the morning knowing it will be more than nine hours until you can take the dog out again?
  • Need help potty training a new puppy or have an older dog who can no longer hold it all day?
  • Are you planning a vacation and don’t want to board your furry friend?
  • Don’t want to impose on your friends or family anymore?
  • New to the area and don’t know who to ask to care for your pets?
  • Want to go out after work and won’t have time to come home and walk the dog?

Relax, we can help!

Purrfect Pet Sitting will provide you with true peace of mind by offering top-notch pet care and customer service!  We have a first rate staff of dedicated pet care professionals who have a genuine love for animals.  We offer in your home pet sitting and midday dog walking services.